Business Platform

  • With this platform it is our goal to put business owners in touch with potential investors.

    The buying / selling process will be guided by the following principles and phases:

    ✓ Collection of all relevant information about the company. This information is confidential and is intended to evaluate the business and opportunity of a transaction.

    ✓ Elaboration of a blind profile to be approved by the seller, which will be sent to a list of potential investors, also approved by the seller.

    ✓ Signature of a Non Disclosure Agreement and delivery of a data-room that should allow the potential buyer/investor to submit an offer.

    ✓ Submission of an offer, which may be subject to a due diligence.

    ✓ Negotiation and eventual signature of a share capital purchase agreement.

    ✓ Due diligence process and results analysis.

    ✓ Financial closing.

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